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Top 11 Magical Health Benefit Of Eating Broccoli In Your Diet

Broccoli is a tasty vegetable that is good in taste and full of various nutrients. It contains minerals like vitamin C, B complex, and Vitamin K along with these constituents you will find various other health beneficial minerals in it. This is a vegetable that comes from the cabbage family. Here Are Different Benefits Of […]

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Top 10 Ways To Cope Up Calcium Deficiency In Human Body

Calcium is an essential mineral in the human body. Bones and teeth contain 99 % of calcium and rest 1 percent is present in blood and other body muscles. Calcium is needed to for the following functions: In Nervous system functions like nerve conduction For Energy generation For Muscle coordination and contraction To Increase Immunity […]


What is Leukemia or Blood Cancer? Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Leukemia is cancer, which forms in blood-forming tissues, hinders the body’s capacities to fight against various infections. It affects bone marrow which produces blood cells in human body. It usually affects white blood cells or leukocytes. White blood cells are the part of immune system, which helps the human body to fight against various infections.  Leukemia […]

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7 Best Ways To Treat Menstruation or Period Cramps

Menstruation is a natural and integral part of women’s life, this necessary to keep women’s women uterus healthy, but sometimes it causes painful cramps which are a hurdle in the day to day activities. Cause of these annoying and painful cramps is prostaglandin that causes a contraction in uterus muscles during menstruation. Cramping is usually […]

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What is Whooping Cough? Cause, Symptoms And Treatment

A whooping cough is a contagious respiratory infection that is easily preventable by vaccine. This infection is particularly dangerous for infants. It is a cough followed by “whoop” like sound in a breath. It was considered a childhood disease in old times. It commonly affects infants. But in some cases, it can affect adults and […]


How To Prevent 10 Common Summer Health Problems In Children

Wow, it’s summer!!! Exams are over, and most of the kids are on their summer vacations, it is the time when your kids will spend most of the time in playing, and you will spend your time to protect them from various infections which are common during summers. List of Summer Infections And Their Prevention […]


Top 10 Tips To Cure Anemia Permanently

Anemia is a medical health condition that occurs when the body’s red cell count is less than normal and does not have adequate healthy red blood cells. Anemia is a result of dysfunctional red blood cells in the body. This reduces the flow of oxygen to the body’s organs. Red blood cells in the human […]

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Top 8 Tips to Get Rid Of Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a condition that is full of ups and down. During Pregnancy women face lots of problems, urinary tract infection is one of them; it is also known as bladder infections, bacteria causes this infection. As the Pregnancy progresses, growing size of womb puts extra pressure on the bladder and cause a problem in […]

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How To Deal With 9 Common Discomforts During Pregnancy

If we talk about women’s life, she undergoes many physical changes in her whole lifespan, among all these changes Pregnancy is the biggest change. As the Pregnancy progresses, you experience so many hormonal changes in your body which cause a variety of discomforts on both physical and mental level. These changes are normal and are […]


Top 10 Natural Tips To Battle With Typhoid Fever

Typhoid fever is known as typhoid, is a bacterial infection of the bloodstream and intestinal tract. The cause of this fever is a bacteria which is called Salmonella typhi. Most often bacteria enters the body through contaminated water and drinks, they multiply themselves and spread from intestines into the bloodstream. These bacteria travel through the blood […]