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What Is Anorexia And How To Cure It Efficiently

Anorexia is a serious eating disorder and serious mental health condition. People suffer from this mental disorder tries to keep their weight low as much as possible. They are much more possessive about their weight. Anorexia is a psychological condition in which patients have a distorted image of their bodies, thinking that they are fat while they are underweight in real.

The situation becomes worse when a patient starts avoiding eating enough of food and exercise too much to lose their weight. This obsession makes them ill because they start to starve too much.

This is the condition which can find in both the sexes, males, and females. It can affect any age group, but most commonly it is found in the young women of teen ages.

What is Anorexia? Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment 

1. Causes Of Anorexia

The cause of this problem is not known yet, but the possible causes for this problem can be

  • If you have a family history of eating disorders, alcohol, depression, and drug addiction.
  • If you. Have anxiety, low self-confidence, and self-esteem, and if you are an obsessive personality.
  • You have been sexually abused and deep mental sadness and depression.

2. Health Risk of anorexia

Because the people affected by this problem is obsessed about weight gain and they starve too much, due to this malnutrition is commonly found in these patients, malnutrition is the condition in which patients are not getting proper nutrients. But this situation can be improved by improving your eating habits.

Possible complications of this medical condition are:

  • This causes muscle and bone problems and affects physical development in young adults. Other common problems are osteoporosis, feeling tired and weak.
  • Fertility problems in girls
  • Loss of sex derive
  • Serious problems with heart and blood vessels which include, poor blood circulation, low blood pressure, heart failure, irregular heartbeat, swelling in face feet and hands.
  • Problems with the functioning of a brain which include fits and difficulties in concentrations and memory.
  • Serious bowel and kidney problems
  • Weak immune system and anemia are common because of this disorder.
  • Anorexia is a dangerous health issue which can be the cause of many mental and physical health-related problems. This can put your life at risk and deaths from Anorexia is caused because of physical complications or suicide.

3. Treatment for Anorexia

You can recover from anorexia, but it is a lengthy and time-consuming process. The treatment of this particular condition needs extra support, such as you need to treat depression and anxiety.

If a patient is in his teenage then he or she needs a talkative therapy, the Anorexia treatment include following therapies.

4. Treatment For Adults

a) Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT): This theory include sessions up to 40 weeks, a therapist will work with you, and will make a proper treatment plan.

He/she will help you to:

  • Cope with your feelings
  • Will help you to understand nutrition and the worse effects of starvation
  • Help you to make healthy food choices.

You have to practice these techniques you own, they will show you the ways to handle difficult situations that you will face to manage new eating habits.

b) Specialist supportive clinical management(SSCM): A therapist involves talking to the patient and helps him to understand the cause of the eating disorder. He will tell you about the nutrition and how your eating habits are affecting you. Your therapist will set a target of 20 weeks and he will give you the target weight to achieve.

c) Focal psychodynamic therapy: If you find that above therapy is are not working on you, apply this therapy, in this therapy psychologist tries to make you understand that how your thinking is related to your eating habits. And how you feel about yourself and people who are around you.

d) Diet advice: During your treatment, you are advised to have healthy diet only, however healthy diet alone is not sufficient to cure Anorexia, you need to have talkative therapy also to treat this medical condition completely.

A doctor will advise you to take some vitamin supplements that will give all the nutrition for your body that are necessary to stay fit and healthy.

5. Treatment for children and young adults

Children and young people are advised to give family therapy.

a) Family Therapy: this therapy includes you and your family to talk with a therapist.

A therapist will help you:

  • Cope with your fears about weight
  • He will guide you to understand what you need to do to be healthy
  • Understands the harmful effect of under- eating
  • Understand the cause of Anorexia and how to stop it.

You can go to the therapist alone or with your family.